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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy gives people the skills they need to continue their daily tasks without pain or restriction.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a profession that promotes health and well-being so that people can participate in daily activities. OT gives people the necessary skills to “living life to its fullest.”

At our inpatient setting, occupational therapists work with patients who may have limited mobility after a traumatic event. The primary goal of acute care is to stabilize the patient and address any threats to loss of function. Occupational therapists address deficits and barriers that limit the patient’s ability to safely perform activities related to independence in self-care, home management, work-related tasks, and leisure and community activities. Like physical therapists, occupational therapists work closely with the patient, family, and other health professionals to determine the best course of treatment.

OTs also assist outpatients with injuries to the arm, whether from trauma, repetitive/over use, or illness.

In addition, occupational therapists work with people with behavioral health issues and facilitate maximum independence in activities of daily living. We help improve functional capacity and quality of life for people with mental illness, focusing on employment, education, community living, and home and personal care through the use of real-life activities in therapy treatments.


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Thank you to all participants who helped with our 2017 Power of One Campaign from January through April.

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Thank you to all participants who helped with our 2017 Power of One Campaign from January through Ap...

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