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Main Number for Harrington HealthCare System:

Patient Billing Questions:
Harrington Hospital: 800-416-6072
Harrington Physician Services: 508-909-7780

Medical Records: To inquire about transferring or obtaining copies of a medical record, please call 508-765-3085.

Patient Safety and Quality:

Privacy: To report an incident, please email us.

To find a primary care or specialty physician currently accepting patients: 508-765-3145

Compliance Hotline: 508-764-2450

To inquire about a job posting or application status for Harrington Hospital, please contact our Human Resources Department at 508-765-9771 ext. 3009 or by email.

To inquire about a job posting or application status for Harrington Physician Services, please email us.


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Former Southbridge police officer John Ritchie had his world turned upside down around after a life-threatening heart condition. He chose Cardiac Rehab at Harrington to get back to health.

Yet another wonderful video with credit being given where credit is due - Boston Freelance Media, LLC. They do a phenomenal job for us making these stories compelling and educational. Be sure to give them a like!

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