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Varicose Veins are not just a cosmetic problem.

Just ask Harrington Physician Services (HPS) General Surgeon Dr. Thomsa Canto, who says varicose veins can cause medical complications, including pain and heaviness in the leg, as well as blood clots and skin ulcers.

Varicose veins are commonly seen in women in their 30s and 40s, usually post-partum or women who have had multiple pregnancies. He added other risk factors include those with a history of blood clots or a genetic predisposition.

The procedures offered at Harrington are minimally invasive, and for some treatments, no surgery is required.

The most common type of treatment for varicose veins with venous insufficiency is endovenous laser treatment, a minimally-invasive procedure using an ultrasound-guided laser fiber technique. Additional techniques include injection sclerotherapy and surgical phlebectomy, which removes surface varicose veins.

Patients who wish to schedule an appointment for a consultation should call the HPS General Surgery office at 508-764-6966. All procedures require insurance pre-authorization.

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