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Expecting a baby?

Read about Jackie Ashton’s experience in our Family Birthing Center

At Harrington, we want you to feel right at home concerning all your maternity needs. By choosing the Family Birthing Center at Harrington, you will be able to stay close to home, while remaining confident you’re receiving exceptional care without having to travel far.

About Your Stay

In our intimate maternity suites, our mission is to make you and your baby as comfortable as possible.

Our attentive staff will provide all the obstetrical care, advice, resources and personal consultation you will need. You can be sure that the physician who delivers your baby is familiar to you. We treat you like family here.

One of the best things about delivering at Harrington is that you don’t get moved around. You are in one private room from admission to discharge. Our nurses and doctors provide attentive care throughout your labor, delivery and recovery — all in the same room. Our moms can enjoy private bathrooms, showers and TVs.

Our dedicated and experienced nurses reassure patients about the range of birthing and pain management options. We assign one nurse per mother to create a level of comfort and familiarity during the birthing process. Many of our maternity nurses are certified lactation counselors and we are available to help you with breastfeeding, bathing, infant safety, swaddling, or any other area you would like support.

We even offer free weekly breastfeeding support groups!

Advanced Technology

In addition to the trademark personal touches at Harrington, patients can rest easy knowing that we are equipped with the latest technology, including fetal monitoring and telemetry.

We provide expert care if you have pre-existing medical conditions, and we have a close relationship with UMass Memorial Medical Center if there is a critical need. However, our nurses are skilled for every type of birth; our transfer rate is extremely low. We can take care of all our babies!

Having a baby is a very personal and individual experience, so we do everything inside Family Birthing Center to make you and your family feel right at home. After delivery, our care continues with a celebration meal for mom and a guest of her choice, served on china and crystal and served with a floral decoration.

After delivery, our care continues by offering you the opportunity to be a part of our free weekly breastfeeding support, guidance transitioning baby home and ongoing gynecological care.

To schedule an appointment with our OB/GYN office, please call 508-765-5981.

To learn more about our Childbirth Preparation Classes, visit our community education and outreach page.

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