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Historical Perspective & Mission

Harrington Hospital was established in 1931 to serve Southbridge and nearby communities, pledging to provide high-quality, personalized medical services to patients in an effective and efficient manner. The seed money for the hospital–$150,000-was pledged by Charles and Gertrude Harrington. In the throes of the Depression, it was a difficult time to raise funds, but the community rallied around the idea of a hospital to serve all comers, both rich and poor, in South Central Massachusetts.

Through the years, Harrington has evolved to keep pace with community needs and technological advancements. But our core values, reflected in our current theme of Total Local Care (TLC), are much the same as in 1931.

Today, despite the nations worst economic downturn since the Depression, Harrington is once again rising to the challenge, finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet growing community needs. This includes enhancing our inpatient care and also expanding our services well beyond our campus in Southbridge.



Our Mission

The mission of Harrington HealthCare is to deliver optimal healthcare to the residents and communities of South Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut.  We are committed to Total Local Care (TLC), providing personalized, compassionate care, and advanced technology close to home. Our vision is to continue a long tradition of caring and expand our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services along with community outreach programs. 


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A belated and well-deserved congratulations to employee Mike Addington (third from left in the photo), who biked the PanMass challenge this year. Mike was on a team with several others, including Dr. Arturo Aguillon (far left).

Mike thanks to the more than 60 people who donated to his ride online or in person. He surpassed his goal of $4,500 by raising $5,650!

Of the experience, he says, "I was ready physically for the ride. But the emotional part was incredible." He cited the many volunteers ringing bells, the signs representing children in past or present treatment and the hundreds of others who called the riders "heroes."

We are proud of you, Mike!!

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